Website Audit

Website Audit is a report of your website structure/data, checking for bugs/problems/errors that may affect the visitor´s experience, accesibility and others factors that may affect, for example, your website´s visibility in search engines.

About Website Audit

The website analysis or audit starts from a general analysis of a website aimed at revealing the actions needed to improve search engine optimization (SEO). Many tools offer recommendations on how to raise the website rankings in search that can include on page and off page SEO audit such as broken links, duplicate meta descriptions and titles, HTML validation, website statistics, error pages, indexed pages and site speed. Site audit is applicable for all online businesses and improves different aspects of the websites.

A Website Audit make sure that you have powerful and reliable system in place. It shows the unidentified dangers that can bring you down, tells what needs to change and what's working well and what's not good, and gives practical recommendations and insights into what need to prioritize more.

What does the budget include?

Website Audit include a website health audit - analyzing overall health of the website while revealing all issues that require immediate attention. We will also monitor some gaps and opportunities for website promotion, and detect the benefits and drawbacks of competitors for prior keywords/search expressions. Website Audit often involves crawling the entire site, beginning with a review of site content, structure, and adherence to best practices such as web accessibility.

Our Website Audit will include a separately quote for the suggested modifications.


  1. Information about Technical SEO Issues
  2. Crawlability
  3. Log File Analysis
  4. Speed and Performance
  5. Internal Linking
  6. Optimization Tips
  7. Keyword Research
  8. Keyword Trend Research

Tools used during our Audits

  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Lighthouse Reports
  • WebDev
  • Trend
  • Measure
  • PageSpeed Insights
  • Rich Results Test


  • Schema Markup Validator
  • Duplicate Word Finder
  • Find Cities and Towns Inside Radius
  • Free Keyword Mixer Tool
  • Keyword Density + Word Count Tool
  • Google MyBusiness
  • Rank Tracking

Website Audit Pricelist

Name Description Price
Website Audit Website Audit Default Package - Overall Website $365
Addons (Any addon require the payment for the Default Package ⇑)
Site Size (1-9 pages) Website Audit Site Size (1-9 pages) Addon $1,000
Site Size (10-30 pages) Website Audit Site Size (10-30 pages) Addon $2,000
Site Size (30-50 pages) Website Audit Site Size (30-50 pages) Addon $3,000
*Terms and conditions apply.
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